3 LIPSTICK – The Must Have!

Hello ladies!

I’ve been thinking about what to write next and so I decided to do a blog post about what kind of lipstick you can buy. With this list you won’t need to have 20 lipstick or more because they will be perfect in most of the occasions encounter during a day – Except of course if you enjoy having a big collection of lipsticks.

So let start with the first category which is AUDACIOUS LIPSTICKS


This category is perfect for night outs and date nights! They are bold and audacious and they express a statement. You can choose from so many different brands. My two favorites are Lancome’s Absolu Velour. The first one is in the shade is 493 Velours de Violine and the second one is in the shade 197 Velours de Grenade. The both cost £21.00 but they are totally worth it. They have so many benefits aside being audacious like being super hydrating and comfortable on the lips. They are also very long wearing and they don’t break on the lips. Plus, matte lipstick is very “in” lately and so are those Lancome’s lipstick!

The second category is the EVERYDAY KIND OF LIPSTICK


Now that we know what kind of lipstick to wear at night, we need something for the day obviously. And you don’t want anything too bright or too dark. You want something classy and neutral. My two picks for this category are Sephora’s collection in the shade N02 – cinnamon crush, the second one is MAC’s TWIG and they both retails for 16$. The MAC’s TWIG come from the Satin Range lipsticks. It’s a soft muted brownish pink and you can wear it probably everywhere and with everything. The colour adds something in your face without being too obvious. It would suit probably most of skin tones and is super hydrating at first. Unfortunately it will dry on the lips after a few hour but a good lip balm will fix that! Sephora’s cinnamon Crush is very long wearing (about 10 hour) and very comfortable on the lips. The color is a very nude color in comparison to TWIG. And the advantage of the Sephora’s lipstick is it’s waterproof so put it in the morning and you will be sure to see it when you’ll come back at night!



Now, lip glosses are not very popular lately, but with all the matte, lip cream and lipsticks it’s nice to add some shimmer to the lips. I personally have no preferences in glosses because I usually just pack it up over my lipstick. You can decide to wear a lip gloss for 3 reasons: To add some shine, to add moisture or to add a pop of color. Just make sure before you buy it that it’s not heavy on your lips and be careful about the ingredients.

There you go! You have now all the information for your next purchase in the lipstick department 🙂

Make sure to comment what is your favorite lipsticks/lip glosses.

Big kisses and we’ll talk soon ❤

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