Hi guys!

September is only a few days away and that means: Getting ready for school… (Not cool!)

I hated schools -elementary school, high school and even college- but there is one thing that I always loved and it’s shopping my school supplies. I just love the smell of new books, holding new pens, opening clean planners… I have to admit that this year I wasn’t sure about going to university (something about university and meeting new people just gives me too much anxiety) so I haven’t bought everything yet. Instead of showing you what I bought, I will let you know what, in my mind, you should have to start the year on the right foot!

  • A New Backpack/Purse

You need this in you life. It will make it so much easier. I personally use a purse and a backpack. In high School we weren’t allowed to have a purse so I always had a backpack but when I got to college, the purse was an option. But I quickly understood that having a purse is not practical especially around the time where you had a lot of exams. So what I personally do is that I start with a purse for a month or two and then I switch for the backpack. PS: Who doesn’t like buying a new bag?

  • Note Books

Everyone knows why you need note books. The notes that we take in class can be the thing that will separate the person that fails an exam from the person that succeed an exam. It seems so banal but I swear from someone who never took notes, this is one of the keys to overcome the school year. They are not very expensive but will make studying so much effortless. And just to make it more pleasant for the eye I usually decorate the book on my free time and when writing my notes, I use different color that way I’m not bored out of my mind!

  • Planner

This one is tricky. I always buy one because I would love to be the kind of person that have a planer. I use it for a few week not even a month and then I go back to putting everything on my phone. The thing is that for me it’s much more useful and easier to use my phone. I have different great app to keep me in check, a calendar with reminders, contacts, e-mails… And because of the fact that my phone is literally an extension of my hand it’s so much better than a planner. And every time that I would buy a planner, I would always decorate it and put some inspirational quotes inside for myself to read when I feel like giving up.

  • Pens/Pencils

This one is important just because you don’t want to be the kid that asks constantly for pencils, pens, erases or anything else for that matter…

  • Pencil case

That way you can put everything that you need in one place. It’s not nice having to search in you bag for an eraser or a ruler or what ever you will need. Having a pencil case will just facilitate your organization skills and make your life easier. I never found a pencil case that I liked so what I do is that a use my old make up bags as a pencil case. That way it’s pretty and no one have the same pencil case as me.

  • Make up Bag

Of course, makeup lovers like me need to have a make up bag with them. You never know what can happen during the day you might need to touch up your make up or something else and so it’s always good to keep the essentials of your make up in your make up bag.

Here a little list of some other things that you might like having with you in school:

  • Earphones & Phone charger
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • School ID card
  • Hand Sinitizer

I’m sure there is a lot more things that you can bring but in my mind this is the essentials.

I want to know if you guys have some other essentials that I didn’t mention and that you think are very important maybe I’ll try them out 🙂

Also If there is a special topic concerning school that you want me to talk about you are more than welcome to let me know

Talk to you soon beautiful people of the Internet


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