I just wanted to do a quick post about some beauty hacks that I discovered since I started to put makeup on. These will be helpful on a daily base and they are not expensive at all. I’m sure you will love them!

  • If you can’t afford buying a lot of lipsticks, there is a way to make it seem as if you had all the lipsticks in the world. You need to buy 2 things: a translucide powder or a face powder or even a neutral eyeshadow (the cheapest one will be just fine) and a white gloss (the most ordinary one). You can find all those items in any drugstores. So what you do is that you apply your lipstick. If you want a matte finish you tap a bit of face powder on your lips. If you want a glossy finish you apply your white gloss on top of your lips. So with one lipstick you can create 3 looks!
  • Your lids are very important this is why you should always wear eye primer. It will protect your lids and then when applying your eyeshadow, it will appear more pigmented. But if you can buy an eye primer you can use your concealer. Not only it will save you money (concealers cost usually less that eye primers) but it will also save you time when you are in a rush. And concealer can hide the redness on your eyelids way better than eye primer.
  • If your mascara is getting dry and unusable but you really love it and don’t have the heart to throw it out yet, what you can do is add a bit of eye drops or liquid makeup remover or liquid makeup fix. This will give you the chance to use it for a few more time but you will need to buy a new one eventually.
  • To get rid of the bag under your eye in the morning what you can do is take 2 spoons and put them in the freezer for a few minutes then put the spoons on and under your eyelid and everyplace where it seems to be puffy. It will calm down all the puffiness and you will seem to be more awake.
  • Another hack for the under eyes, use a bit of red lipstick under your concealer. The thing is that usually the color under your eye is purple-ish and when you apply a red color on top of it, it will cancel the purple and then your concealer will cover everything. It will also illuminate your face.
  • On another note, did you ever had a bruise at a random place? If yes, this hack is for you! You can conceal the bruise with mouthwash. You just rub it on you bruise leave it for two minutes and then your bruise will disappear for a few hours.
  • If you didn’t have the time to take a shower and you are in a rush and you feel like your hair is too oily, what you usually do is use dry shampoo. But if for some reason you don’t have any at home, the white powder can do the trick, it will literally suck all the oiliness from your hair. When you think about it, we put white powder on our face when it’s too oily so why not do it for our hair.

Those are only a few tricks in a long long list of beauty hacks.

I hope you enjoyed these beauty trick and I hope you will try a few of them. If you do or you already knew those tricks comment down below your opinion and you can even give me some tricks that I might not be aware of 😀

Talk to you soon beautiful people of the Internet

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