Hi guys!

So yesterday I saw a video on Youtube that made me feel sick, literally! I’m sure a lot of you saw it already it’s called ”Dear Fat People”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and this video have way too much view for all the crap that she exposes.

Here’s a little abstract of what she was saying: The youtuber started of by saying that fat shaming was not a thing, that obesity was not a disease, that trying to make life easier for obese people is like an assisted suicide. Throughout the video she kept on repeating that fat people are disgusting and ended up saying that plus size was standing for 1) Plus heart diseases, 2) Plus knee problems and 3) Plus diabetes. She tried to justify this video saying that if we know someone that is overweight we should tell them all those mean things and that she was trying to help oversize people.


First off, Fat Shaming is a thing! In a study conducted by the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Teachers reported that 34% of the study children had been bullied, and mothers reported that 45 % of the children had been bullied, while 25% of the children themselves said they had been bullied (http://www.heyugly.org/PreventBullyingNowStatistics.php). All that because they were bigger than the average kids! A lot of the bullying end up with depression, anxiety and even suicide! So do not tell me that fat shaming is not a thing!

How come that bullies and all those fat shamers think that they can change someone by giving them negative vibes… I mean, I’m not an expert but If I feel like shit and someone comes and makes me feel even worst and make me feel like I’m less than them of course I will not want to change, because I would lose all hopes! The only way you can change is if you have positive influence around you! People who will accept you no matter your size, who will make you want to be better and healthier. It’s about building the self-esteem and learning how to love yourself.  If you love yourself, you will want the best for you.

It’s hard enough to have a good self esteem in our generation when there is so many labels around us making us feel like we are not good enough, like we always have to reach a higher greatness. All the social media is doing a great job at this and we don’t need having our friends, classmates or even parents saying that we look like shit.

Secondly obesity is a disease, even Wikipedia agrees! To be honest it can come from over eating but it also can be genetic. So what then? Are we gonna start blaming people for their genes? And just because someone is overweight doesn’t mean they are eating junk food all the time! STEREOTYPES!

What we have to understand is that our body should not represent us. There’s is so many body types that we can’t judge someone over this. And on a religious note, a body is nothing. God gave us a body to use on earth and when we will die it will decompose and we will become grass. Our spirit will leave our body and that is the only thing that should matter. Our spirit. Our actions and the good that we do is what we will be accounted for. Not on our body size, body color, our height or anything else.

That youtuber was mean and hateful and in today’s society we do not need that kind of people giving that kind of message online.

To conclude, let me just tell you that we are all beautiful no matter the size that we wear. If you’re not happy of your size, change it. But do it because you want to be healthier, not because of some assh*les that thinks they know best. If you’re happy with your size, it’s perfect. Love yourself enough. And be respectful of other.

Big kisses and Talk to you soon 💋

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