Hello everybody!

So yesterday night aired the first episode of season 2 of EMPIRE and let me just tell you… IT WAS AMAZING

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watch the episode yet, leave this page because I’m about to reveal a few things that I loved about this episode…

But first let me remind you how the first season ended! Lucious Lyon went to prison, Jamal Lyon took over the empire, Rhonda Lyon killed Veron and is pregnant with Andre Lyon’s baby… And this is just what comes on top of my mind, I’m sure so much more things happened because they left the season 1 with a boom of drama!

So the first thing that I loved is Cookie’s speech at the #freeLucious benefit concert. You can see a bit of recent history especially with the movement #Blacklivesmatter. Cookie screams to the audience this sentence : “The American correctional system is built on the backs of our brothers, our fathers, and our sons.” And makes you think about what is currently happening in the USA. So I think it’s good that they took the time to show that. On the other hand, she was ruthless and fearless and you can see how smart she is in that particular scene where she clearly have 2 different agenda. And nothing will come between here and the throne that she is seeking.

The second thing is Jamal’s visit to Lucious in prison. Just before going to see his father he asks Cookie to visit him. But if my memory serves me right, Lucious let her rot in prison after her sacrifice, never visiting her or letting their kids visit. I taught the scene was just too ironic not to be mentioned. Also I loved how Lucious feels when something is happening behind his back! Before we even knew what was up with Mimi he already was on to her trying to bring her into his side. Devilish!

The third thing is the return of Michael Sanchez. I just love him with Jamal and I was so sad when they broke up last season and maybe they will give it a second try this season.

The fourth thing is the arrival of Chris Rock as Franck Gathers. I love the actor and I feel he will create so much drama and tension and fear for Cookie. I can’t wait to see how things will develop and how the dynamic between Cookie and Lucious will change because of Franck. This guy is just psycho! Sending heads in boxes just to send a message! Like who does that? But at the end we can hear him scream when other inmates beats him up after Lucius gives the order. Maybe he’s dead but if not, now he will think twice before coming between Cookie and Lucious.

And lastly what I love the most about this show since season 1 is that no matter what is happening, Lucious and Cookie have each other’s back. It may not be traditional like the rest of us but you can see how much they can go to protect their empire and their family. They have no limit. And worst, they want to be the one that tears the other down. No one else is allowed to hurt the other. And you don’t see that kind of love on tv that often. They hate each other so much but they love each other just as much.

This show is so much fun and you can’t trust no one. Even in your own family you have to watch your back! I’m so excited about this new season. If you watched last night’s episode please tell what you taught of it and if you were pleased about how everything went down and if you will be watching the rest of the season!

Big Kisses & I’ll talk to you soon! 💋

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