Hello Guys

Like Marc Jacobs said: To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my fall essentials, regarding makeup and beauty… If you want me to do one about fashion let me know in the comment section!

Hope you enjoy!

So let start with the skin care products. 

For cleansers my all time favorite is from Sephora and it’s the PHILOSOPHY: Purity made simple. What I love about it is that as a lazy person this cleanser is a three in one! It’s a makeup remover, a cleanser and a toner. It also hydrates the face. It’s really the best. The prices depends on the quantity that you buy and honestly a small quantity can go a long way.

Another product that I have been loving is Coconut Oil. I’ve read so many thing about it and gave it a try. You can buy it at any grocery in the oil section. You can use it to hydrate your hand, face, lips, body, hair, everything! And you can cook with it! I usually have a normal skin but during the winter season and the end of fall, my face and my body get so dry and coconut oil has been really helpful.

Lastly a product that I use only when it get cold is the Full of Grace serum. I bought it last year when I was desperate for a product that would help with the dryness of my skin. The employe that helped me that day told me that the product can last for at least five year and I believe her. The product looks like a bar and you have to rub it between your palms and it will melt leaving a greasy liquid that you apply on your face. I don’t suggest you to go out with it on your face because it’s really oily. I usually apply it before bed and let it do his miracles during the night.

Now concerning the makeup!

I have a lot of favorites from the brand NYX. This brand didn’t exist in canada before so I never bought from them before but now we can purchase them in stores and let me tell you… I LOVE THIS BRAND! It has such a good quality and so affordable. I’m in love!

This is a list of everything that I love for fall:

Another affordable brand that I love is Maybelline especially with their nail polishes. The one that I really love at this moment is the Color Show  called Wine & Forever. I usually only wear black or white but for fall a deep red seems to be just right!

I have so many other products that I love but the ones that I talked about are really the ones that I use most frequently and this post would be just too long to quote everything!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully you will want to try out some of the products. If you did try some of them in the past and you liked them as much as I did, let me know!

Big kisses & Talk to you soon beautiful people of the Internet

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