‘Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy’


Since I have started putting makeup on I learned so many things about myself, my face, and the art that is makeup. A lot of people don’t consider makeup as an art but I do and what I found the most amazing thing is that you don’t need to be a Picasso in order to put on makeup. Everyone can be good at it. There is so many tricks that you can use to help you with makeup application, give you shortcuts and time saving tricks. Also how to keep your skin healthy and protected. Like I said there is a lot of trick but here is a list of my personal top 10 trick that helped me and worked for me.

  1. You should never use a mascara that is older than 1 month. A fresh mascara will slide easier and won’t chunk on your eyelashes. And don’t overuse a waterproof mascara because it will suck out all the water of your eyelashes and make dehydrated.
  2. Try to go for multi-use products. They are time saver and money saver.
  3. Master the eyeliner.
  4. A bronzy look is always welcome but you do not want to be orange so you only apply a bit of bronzer on your temples, along the sides of the face, and right under the cheekbones and you stay away from the center of your face. If you come to closer of the center you will look older and your face will seem biggers.
  5. If you haven’t had a good night of sleep and you feel tired do a bright makeup look. Don’t go dark around the eyes it will make you look even more tired. Use a pale eyeshadow, a bit of shimmer and a light concealer. On your water line use a beige pencil, it will make your eye bigger and less tired.
  6. Another time saver trick is to mix your moisturizer and foundation. On a daily basis it will give you a more light and natural coverage. If you don’t want to mix them, it’s totally okay but I still suggest to apply a moisturizer first and then the foundation because it will protect your skin and reduce the damage caused to your skin by everything else that you will apply and the environment around you.
  7. Your face is not the only thing that you should hydrate. Your lip are very important and they need an extra moister sometimes. Especially during the winter don’t neglect them it take a few extra seconds but your mouth will be healthier and you will never have chapped lips again.
  8. If you are not a fan of foundations like me, I suggest you use a bb cream or cc cream. They do an amazing job for your skin and it gives you a good coverage. Bonus point: it cost way less than a foundation. And you don’t even need to use a beauty blender or a brush to apply a bb cream or cc cream you can do with your fingers.
  9. You need to clean your brushes! I understand that we are all too lazy or busy to do it everyday me included but guys your skin will thank you when you will be 60 with a radiant skin. I’m going to be gross with you for two seconds but do you know what is a dirty brush? It’s a combination of old makeup, old skin, bacterias, dust and dirt. You can’t put all that on your face this is why you need to clean it at least every week.
  10. Lastly you only have one face and one layer of skin. You have to take care of it because it’s precious. So you can put makeup on with as much as you want but don’t forget to clean it afterwards. You need a daily cleaning routine that includes a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer. And don’t forget to exfoliate once a week and to put a face mask from time to time.

I haven’t mention this on the list but when you choose your makeup, brushes, skincare product make sure it’s good quality because you don’t want to be wrinkled at 40. The face is very important and a beautiful asset so take care of it. Hope you enjoyed reading all this and it gave you a few ideas that you didn’t know of and that you will try out:)

Big kisses and we’ll talk soon


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