The Do’s and Don’ts of Makeup

      A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.

We all like to experiment with things around us. At one point or another we all did the faux pas! Either it was with fashion, makeup, decor… You can’t know exactly what would suit you perfectly unless you try many different things before. I have had my fair share of wrong decisions and it helped me to know what I exactly needed. Here is a list of 10 things to avoid or improve in order to have better makeup habits!


  1. Foundation! The color of your foundation should be the same as your skin, not darker. A lot of people when they start using foundation they think using a darker color will give them a tan but it doesn’t. I have to admit that I did that once and on my way out I took a selfie and a day later I looked at the selfie and I was like : How the hell did I go outside looking like this! You look orange and it’s not pretty… If you want to give yourself a tan use a self tanner or even better, a bronzer.
  2. Applying makeup on a dry skin, is a definite don’t! Why you may ask? Well because it will emphasis your pores and imperfection. And what will happen is that you will start packing up the makeup on your face to hide your imperfection and a vicious circle will start. This is why you really have to clean your skin and exfoliate it and hydrate it. If you have a skin problem try to fix it with some skincare product or with the help of a dermatologist and then put the makeup on.
  3. Lip liners. We all know Kylie Jenner and how her lips went big but there is a technique to it and most of the time we over do it. I have tried it and let me tell you it wasn’t looking good. Lately I’ve heard of the lip plumper which is something that look like a gloss but is created to give you a bit of volume. It’s a bit expensive and I haven’t tried it myself but if you did please let me know in the comment section if you liked or not and if it works.
  4. Eyebrows are everything! Having a good pair of eyebrows is essential. Do not tweeze them too much or neglect them. I know when I speak with someone, it’s the first thing I notice. Find a shape that suits your face the best and keep in mind that bad eyebrows will make your face look bad even if the rest of your makeup is flawless.
  5. Too much colors on the eyes! Usually you should never put more than two colors on your eyelid. Except if you are going to a special event where flashy eyeshadows are required. On a day to day basis you should go with something more neutral. And you should choose carefully the color that you put around your eyes because you want something that will compliment your face and features not accentuate your flaws.
  6. Talking about eyeshadows, don’t forget to blend! If you are mixing many colors together you need to blend and make it seem smooth and continuous. I myself had a lot of difficulties with blending. I didn’t want rough separations between different colors and I always ended up blending too much and having a mess on my eyes but with some practice, blending got easier and my eyemakeup way more attractive.
  7. Mascara! you should never put more than two coats of mascara after that your mascara will have a spidery effect and clump your eyelashes together and won’t look good.
  8. Over highlighting. If you are Kim K it’s okay to over highlight or if you are going to a party, it’s fine too, but on an ordinary day, don’t over do your makeup especially the highlight. It will draw too much attention on your face. I’m not saying don’t highlight but do it with moderation
  9. Sleeping with your makeup on is a no no! Concealer, foundation, powders and every other thing on your face will clog your pores. Eyeshadows will make you wrinkle at a younger age. Mascara will make your eyelashes weak and fall out. So take a few minutes of your night to clean your face because you only have one face so you need to take care of it.
  10. Using soap to clean your face? It may seem like a good idea and God knows that I’ve been using soap on my face for years. I have learned the hard way that using soap will actually dry your skin by stripping it from all the essential oils on your face. What that causes is that your face will try to over produce those oil and enlarge your pore which creates spots on your face. On the long run you will notice that you have more dead skin and that you have to exfoliate twice as much.

Hope you enjoyed this post and that you learned something new about makeup

Big kisses and we’ll talk soon

4 Replies to “The Do’s and Don’ts of Makeup”

  1. omg two coats for mascara? LOL i put like 10 xD
    and for the eyeshadows its actually three! (lid, crease and brow bone) and four for a smokey eye 😉


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