Eye MakeUp 101

If it doesn’t add to your life, It doesn’t belong in your life.

I have been putting makeup on for about 3 years now and I didn’t always look good in it… I had to experiment a lot with it like everybody else to know how makeup can enhance my natural features. Here are 10 tips that I would have loved having when I started putting eye makeup.


  1. If you want a full face makeup, always start with the eyeshadow. That way you will avoid it falling out and at the end your face makeup will look fresher and cleaner.
  2. To make your eyes look brighter use a paler eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye. It will make them pop.
  3. You need to focus on one feature at the time. If you want a heavy eye makeup, the rest of the face has to be more subtle. If you are opting for a bold lip, the eye should be more classic.
  4. Use an eyelash curler to have curlier eyelashes. They will also seem longer and more voluminous. Try to use it before applying your mascara and if you forget make sure that your eyelashes are semi-wet and not dry.
  5. Before applying an eyeshadow, use an eye primer or an eyeshadow base, it will avoid the smudging of your makeup later on.
  6. If you want your eyeshadow to pop out, use a white pencil on your eyelid that way the color of your eyeshadow stand out.
  7. For the smokey eye opt for a creamy eye pencil instead of eyeshadows especially if you are new to this. I believe that eyeshadows are much harder to work with.
  8. When applying eyeliner, you should try to get as close as possible to the lashline; that way it seems more natural.
  9. I know applying eyeliner is not easy, but what I do that I find very helpful is to keep your eye open and look straight in the mirror. Then, with small lines, create your wing and got through your lashline slowly, but surely. Start with a small wing and then make it bigger if you wish to. That way you will have more freedom to touch up, if you would like.
  10. Good quality brushes are a great investment. They will blend your eyeshadows better and they will last longer if you clean and take care of them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it gave you some interesting facts about eye makeup! Hopefully you will try a few of them and let me know if it works as much for you as it did for me!

Big kisses and we’ll talk soon

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