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Hi loves!

I don’t know about you but it took me a long time to figure out how to put makeup on my face because of my skin color. A lot of things that I was seeing on TV or youtube tutorials couldn’t apply to my skin complexion. So I tried a lot of different way to put make up on and I will share with you my new found wisdom!

  • Lipstick: You want to avoid any neutral or light colors on your lips. Those colors make you look dead and your face washed up. Try brighter colors. And if you do really want to put on neutral lipstick try to choose one with a colorful undertone. Like a pinky beige or something like that.
  • Eyeliner/eye shadows: All eye shadows works great with a fair skin and eyeliner too. But you can’t over do it. And usually a darker eyeliner work better for a fair skin complexion.
  • Mascara: You want to use a black mascara. It will make you eye look bigger and more alive. From my past experience, brown or colorful mascaras are not making my eyes justice.
  • Foundation: With pale skin it’s easy to choose the wrong shade of foundation. So what you want to do is take a lot of tester and try the foundation directly on your face, not on your hand. And be careful with the undertone of the foundation because a lot of them are made with a pink undertone and it doesn’t look natural.
  • Bronzer/blush: Be careful with the bronzer and blush because if super easy to apply too much. A bit of bronzer under your cheekbones and blush on them is enough. I tend to over bronze my face all the time but at one point it will look like dirt and that not good. Also you have to bland it out correctly and that may take time depending on how fair you are.

I hope this was a bit helpful! If you have any other tips you can share it with all of us in the comment session

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Big kisses and we’ll talk soon

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