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Hello lovelies!

Recently I have been reading about natural remedies for a better health or for beauty purposes. And I found a lot of things about coconut oil. A friends recently told me about how amazing this oil is and the article confirmed it. So here are a few tips and trick I either heard of or read about. I did try a few of them or my friends did and I could clearly see the difference.

  1. Use it as a moisturizer! During the winter time, I swear, I get all OCD over what I use on my face or body because of the fear that it will ruin my skin (people with sensitive skin will understand). The trick is to use a small quantity because it will clog your pores eventually due to the fact that its highly comedogenic.
  2. Because coconut oil is very hydrating, you can use it to soften your cuticles.
  3. If you want a home made body exfoliate, you can use coconut oil mixed with sugar and it will be a great body scrub. I personally never tested it on my face directly but if you ever did let me know how it was!
  4. Do you have dry hair or split ends? Use coconut oil to fixed all of that! The oil will give them an extra moisture that will fixe them eventually.
  5. Also about hair, coconut oil is very efficient when it comes to regenerate new cells. So if you ever want to grow your hair, eyebrows or eyelashes you can apply it with your fingers or a mascara wand on the parts where you wish to see hair growth.
  6. Did you ever use it as a make up remover? I did and it worked! Waterproof mascara will not cause me any more headaches!
  7. If there is one thing that I hate to do is cleaning my makeup brushes. God knows! But I recently read in an article saying that you can use coconut oil to soften your brushes. All you have to do is to mix soap with the oil and clean your brushes as usual. This may not change my opinion about cleaning my brushes but at least I know they will get softer afterwards.
  8. I developed a big problem of chapped lips recently and I tried so many lip balm and lip exfoliate and everything that you can think of but nothing really helped. I never had this problem before and I taught to put coconut oil on my lips just to try it out and maybe it will help. I have been putting on oil for 3 days now and it seems to be working quit well.
  9. Use it simply as a massage oil. It will relax your muscles and relieve the tension. And coconut oil doesn’t get absorb rapidly with means you can have the massage for a longer time. A lot of masseuse recognize the benefits of using coconut oil which must mean it’s create for your health and nothing stops you from using it at home, forcing anyone in your home to give you a massage.
  10. Lets not forget that coconut oil was created in the first place for food purposes and not beauty and if you are lactose intolerant but really want to try some nice dessert switch butter with coconut oil for dairy-free dessert. With coconut oil, you will not miss out on any of the delicious desserts!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this and it was educational. Keep in mind that those thing are the trick that I liked and tried but there is so many other use for coconut oil. If you use it in a different ways let me know!

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Big kisses and we’ll talk soon! 🙂



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