Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Hi Loves!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I was putting on makeup this morning and I taught of you guys and I decided to write this post about eyeshadows to help you maybe:) It’s really a few  simple tricks and tips that it took me time to understant mostly because no one said it clearly expecting us to know it but here it is!

  • Learn what your brushes are meant for. You have a few brushes at your disposition such as a large shadow brush, a precision shadow brush, a blending brush, a smudge brush… Using a brush for its purpose will help a lot. For example using a large shadow brush to pack the pigment on your lid could work but it will take more time and will lack precision. Here is a cheat sheet of a few brushes.


  • Prime your eyes just as you would do with your face. Do not skip this part if you need your makeup to stick on for a long period of time without creasing or smudging. It will be also easier when you will want to pack on multiple shades and when you blend them all together. And the colors will appear more vibrant with an eye shadow primer.
  • If you just starting putting on makeup and eye shadows, buy combos of eye shadows. The reason why is that each color has its own purpose. So if you don’t know which color should go on the lid or in the crease this will be your blue print of eye makeup.
  • You will have eye shadow fallout. So I suggest you start with your eye makeup first and then move to your face especially if you use dark eye shadows. Your face will look cleaner and fresher.
  • Practice, practice, and practice. It’s the only way to succeed. Your first try will not be the best (god knows mine were not so cute) but with time you will get better and faster applying eye shadow. Your hand will get the hang of it and basically it will apply make up without you realising what your doing.

I hope this helped you a bit! Don’t forget to share your own tips about eyeshadows that we can all learn from!

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Big kisses and we’ll talk soon!❤

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