21 Things I Learned While Turning 21

You don’t get older, you get better.

A few days ago, I finally turned 21! And while I was driving to my friends house, I reflected on my 20 years on this planet and let me tell you everything I learned!

1. Don’t try to make everyone happy, in most case you will end up unhappy!

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for the things you want. You can only get 2 answer, an a “no” will not be the end of the world.

3. Stressing over things you have no control over will not help you in life. Take the time to breath and believe you’re on the right path!

4. Be selfish… a bit! Put yourself first from time to time. It’s okay to stay alone and take care of yourself.

5. Always give your 100% otherwise it’s not worth it.

6. Don’t fight the change in your life, most of the time it’s needed. Something better is coming your way!

7. Black is a color that suits everybody, so if you don’t know what to wear… always go with black.

8. Stop gossiping, it’s a waste of your time and energy.

9. Help your parent more! They were here all your life, helping and raising you, now it’s your turn.

10.Listen more than you talk.

11. You will be disappointed if you expect something from life or people.

12. Your past doesn’t define you, it never will. Forget about it and focus on the present.

13. We are all going to make it at the end. No matter what is our current situation. Don’t you worry.

14. When everything falls apart, go take a nap!

15. Stop saying yes to everything, start saying no! Especially if you don’t want to do something.

16. Never put your happiness in the hands of someone else. It’s your happiness, it should depend only on yourself.

17. Failure is not the end. To fail is to learn and improve.

18. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Stop finding flaws in you and start looking for qualities and beauty.

19. Time flies, so make the best of it!

20. Take picture, videos of important moment and phases of your life. Those moment should not be forgotten.

21. Lastly, put your complete trust in God, he will help you if you let him.

Can’t wait to see what this year holds for me! And hopefully I will learn more thing, because after all, what is being 21 when you could live till a 100 year old?

Big kisses and we’ll talk soon!❤

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