To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.

Hi Loves!

How are you all doing? Recently I’m trying to be more efficient with my time, trying to settle a routine in my life to be more proactive. Accomplishing more during the day instead of procrastinating. And I found that waking up early and starting your day right, helps quite a lot. And I even found ways to make my morning preparation go faster.

So here are 5 tips to save time in the morning!

1. Create an easy, light, on-the-go makeup look. Find something that suits your face and repeat it. After a few days you will get the hang of it and it will save you so much time. Another advantage with this, is that the day that you will put on a full glam makeup face, everyone will notice it and give you compliments!

My make-up look consiste of:

  • BB cream by L’Oreal
  • Fit me concealer by Maybelline
  • Eyeliner from the Sephora brand 
  • Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer (my fav!)
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick

2. Try to create a uniform. Buy clothes that matches the rest of your closet. You will gain so much time if you follow one style. I personally always go with black. Black pants, black shirt, black shoes. That way I don’t have to make sur that my shirt matches my shoes or if the colors of my complete outfit look good together.


If you really want to have a colorful closet and experiment with your closet, just prepare everything the night before. That way, you just have to choose the clothes in the morning.

3. Prepare everything in advance. Prepare your bag and lunch the day before and leave it next to the exit door. You can also, take a shower at night instead of the morning. Because showers are the activity that thats the most time, and if you could do it the night before well you save a hell lot of time. Other thing you can do the night before is creating a list of everything you must do the next day and prepare your coffeemaker.

4.Don’t you love to press the snooze button in the morning? I know I do and believe me I can loose an hours just by snoozing my alarms. What I do now, is to put my alarm clock as far as possible from my bed. Which means I will have to get up in order to stop the noise and well once I’m up and not in my confortable bed, I can convience my self that I don’t need that extra 10 min of sleep.

5. Have your environment in order. You don’t want to lose time in the morning to look for thing like your keys, wallet, coat… anything acctually. I find personnally that I feel way better, not only in the morning, when everything is clean and in order.

This is it for my tips! Obviously there is so much more things you can do to get your mornings rollin’ and you can share them here so we can help each other out!

Big kisses and we’ll talk soon!❤

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