Makeup Gifts For My Birthday

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.

Hello Loves!

How are you? Did you start to take in the amazing weather? Or is the weather horrible where you are?

Last week, I got to celebrate my 22nd birthday with friends and family and then some more with friends. My friends surprised me (not a real surprise thought, because they know I’m obsessed) with a lot of makeup item! I decided to share them with you guys because most of them are item that I already love and I wasn’t able to wait to put my hands on!

Estée Lauder, Perfectly Clean


This is a triple-action mousse that acts as a Cleanser, Toner and Makeup Remover. I have used this product a few times already and I can say the formula and the smell is great. It leaves your face refreshed and for someone with dry skin it’s really helpful. I don’t own any Estée Lauder products but this one really made me rethink it and now I’m considering purchasing other of their products!

Lise Watier, Blush-on Powder & Baiser Velours Lipstick


I got 2 item from Lise Watier, one Blush-On in the shade Bronze Satiné and one Baiser Velours Lipstick in the shade Swan Kiss. I’m personally a lipstick freak and I don’t think you can have too many lipsticks. This lipstick, a dark red, gives an old Hollywood vibe that I love! As for the blush it’s exactly how I like it. More bronzy than pinky.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Glow Kit & Contour Kit

In the past few week, my love for ABH grew so much and my friends sure have noticed! If you want your face to look extremely good, go purchase these 2 kit! The glow kit was created in collaboration with Nicole Guerriero and is a limited edition (even though it shouldn’t! Make it permanent please!) as for the contour kit, the pigmentation of the bronzy shades is crazy! We all have 1 or 2 shades that we always use and when it hits pan we get really sad because we know we will not be using the palette that much now. Well this palette has refills sold separately that you can purchase when you finish your favorites, you can even buy other shades that may suit your skin tone better and interchange them!

SmashBox, #SHAPEMATTERS Palette

This is the palette you want to bring on vacation. It’s kind of big and pricy but it has everything you need. You have 3 sections; brows, contour, and eye shadow. And it has a brush! The shadows are pretty neutral so you will never go wrong with them and they are very suitable for your everyday life! I used it a few time since I received it and I know it will soon be one of my favorites!

Lipsticks; Double Dare, Katheryn, Rose Wood


Like I said earlier, you can never have too many lipsticks. You need a lipstick for every occasion! These 3 are more in the darker range. The ABH and Sephora Collection are very long lasting! They don’t budge! As for the Double dare from Kat Von D, the color is marvellous but not as long wearing as the others. I own other lipsticks from Kat Von D and this one is the least long wearing, the other ones are pretty damn good!

Sephora; Illuminate Palette, Full Face Brush Set, Masks

First off, the palette! The pigmentation is alright, nothing to crazy compared with the ABH palette. This is more discrete and good for an everyday use. The brushes are very nice! They are soft, and it comes with a little bag which is perfect for vacations. I have yet to try them to see how they pick the pigments and how they feel after a few wash. Lastly, the masks that I haven’t tried yet. I got three of them; face, lips and under eyes.

Have you tried any of these product? Did you liked them? Let me know! Also tell me if you would like to see any of these products in a makeup tutorial

Big kisses and we’ll talk soon! 🙂





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